Winter Blues 12/16/14

Adding a scarf under your jacket is a nice layer, plus you have more mobility than having an over coat on if you choose to take it off.

Photos by Eric Leyva    

What can I say, Rosemont is beautiful in the winter when it snows and don’t forget the lights on River Road. This look is for the modern man that has embraced the workspace or a night out on the town. A navy suit is always a top choice for a guy who means business. You have to stand out in all the right details, so get it right with black or brown shoes. Don’t forget the most important thing is tailoring. Suits now are becoming very slim in the pant leg. The jacket should fit right on your shoulders and lay perfect on your chest.  Accessorizing for your suit is a big key now. Adding a tie bar, pocket square or even a flower lapel is all the difference.   Hope these tips help out on your next suit purchase. In the words of Barney Stinson “SUIT UP”

Steven Bautista

Suit: Sarar
Tie: The Tie Bar
Floral lapel: The Tie Bar 
Shirt: Hugo Boss
Scarf: H&M


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