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The three-piece, a suit with a matching waistcoat (aka vest), is the most formal type of suit. However, some men are dressing up again in the city of Chicago and not necessarily just for the office; they're adding flourishes-like pocket squares and tie bars for an extra pop. The three-piece suit makes a statement, literally, of one-upmanship in the dressing-up. Having the vest is also a great way to still look professional when you get too hot and decide to take off your jacket. Let’s be honest, if you don’t have a vest and you take off your jacket, your shirt gets wrinkle and then you look like a slob. In this cold weather, the vest also gives you another layer as shown below:


When Mother Nature gives Chicago snow and slush to destroy your footwear, fight back with a sturdy-as-hell, office friendly, dress boots. This will stop you from carrying a pair of dress shoes to the office and have one pair shoes on the whole day.

If your business suit is your uniform or you're part of the crowd that suits up for the hell of it like me, the new style move is to leave the lace-ups dress shoes at home and anchor your look with dress boots. The only thing is, not just any boots will do. When you've got some nasty rain, snow, or slush to cut through but still need or want to suit up, reach for a pair of distressed boots .The high-end leather and slim soles work with any of your heavier suits.

Distressed boots work best with heavyweight suits like this tweed. Why? They're equally stable.

Overall I hope these tips help with the boots and maybe change your mind on how vests are a great thing to have and to wear more often.

Boots: Guess
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