Classic Man

The show Mad Men had a great effect on this look for this week; trying to add my own Don Drapper look with the blue shirt and plaid tie and the only thing missing is a glass of scotch and a cigarette. Now pretty much anything can go with a grey suit, but it depends on what kind of guy you are. Conservative or not, this is a great look for the office. always like to have my tie do the talking when I wear a solid suit and shirt.

Plaid ties are becoming one of my favorite patterns; it catches the attention of everyone and gives you tons of compliments. Also it's a great conversation starter. If the tie isn’t working for the attention then bust out your pizza socks.You gotta admit everyone loves pizza! When you’re hanging out downtown visit the Four Seasons portrait six scenes of Chicago that is behind me. 

I hope you enjoy this look and thanks for the views!

Until next time. 


Tie: The Tie Bar
Shirt: Zegna
Shoes: Zegna
Socks: Target
Suit: Sarar


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