Green With Some Pattern

Lets mix prints, patterns and colors all in one! This is a new generation and your mantra for this spring needs to stand out. I am rocking a 3 button suit, now I know what you're thinking, why is he wearing a 3 button suit? Well this suit is slim fit and the lapel is much slimmer and bonus it is a forest green.

Nothing amplifies a look the same way anymore; I put the plaid shirt with a solid suit and tie because I want the shirt to stand out far away, but when a person comes close they see the color of the suit. 2 complements.. BOOM! The suit or sweater whether you wear either one looks great with a pattern shirt, try it out.

Don’t be shy to wear some color and that doesn’t mean a yellow on top of a pink top or purple. Guys, I hope you try this look or put your own outfit together and @straightfunction. Oh BTW this pretty woman in my pictures is Claudia; She’s a great model to work with and an awesome gal. Head to toe she knows how to work fashion. Don’t be surprised if you see her on Straight Function again.  Follow Claudia on IG: OHHCLAUDIAAA

Talk to you later!

Steven Bautista

PS. Straight Function does not suggest playing on train tracks. 

Shirt: JCrew
Tie: The Tie Bar
Shoes: Sarar
Socks: Express


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