Spring into Action with Khaki’s & Button-up

Spring is here in Chicago! I am going to tell you gentlemen why having Khaki’s in your wardrobe is always a plus. These durable  two-ply twill cotton pants can really anchor your sharpest look this spring as you ditch all your winter wear for a lighter pant. This trim cut makes you look and feel the trim look. This pant cut leads itself to an athletic style were you can roll up those cuffs and feel the spring air go up on your ankles.

I love wearing crazy socks so I won’t feel that much spring air, but these shoes are pumas, light weight and very comfortable. Springtime is about having fun with colors, in my opinion what you wear is a reflection of who you are and how you want people to see you so why not be a little different.

Now this button-up is from the GAP, this shirt caught my eye in the window display on State Street for this reason. You can dress it up or chill it out with a denim jacket. Don’t forget to roll up the sleeves if you like.

Hope you enjoy the post and have a Great Easter!

Steven Bautista

Shirt: Gap
Socks: Express
Khaki’s: Gap
Shoes: Pumas


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