The Killer Jean Jacket & Tie

So it’s been beautiful in Chicago this last week, and I wanted to wear something that I’ve noticed guys wearing lately; jackets with a tie or a blazer and underneath is a jean jacket. Sounds crazy right? It actually looks nice! Also, my friend Vaughn Roland has his own line of ties that are awesome! Shout out to my friend Stephanie Herrera for being part of this shoot. 

If you haven’t tried this look I totally recommend it. I can’t explain how great this tie is, Japanese cotton (considered by many to be the best of the best) and accented with this iconic leather pocket detail. My favorite part is the leather pocket; you can fit something small in it so it is functional. Available in red and blue and 2" at the wide point. Go to to purchase the tie!

When you find that perfect denim jacket, you’ll want to wear it every day. Don’t. Resist the urge to make it your go-to outerwear. Pull it out periodically to add a bit of flair to your outfits. A little denim goes a long way!

Don’t be shy to wear crazy socks and show them off! Gentleman the more details you have the more attention you will get from the ladies... true story! Polka dot socks and baby blue laces for this look. You can always change the laces to different colors instead of buying new shoes. 

Again I want to thank Stephanie Herrera for being part of this blog post, she loves fashion and you should see how she dresses. Go on her instagramstephxokaren and check out what she’s wearing. Till next time. 

Steven Bautista
Shirt: Topman
Jeanjacket: 21men
Shoes: 21men
Laces: The Tie Bar
Pants: Jcrew


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