Purple Suit

This week I decided to brush off the dust on my purple suit. This suit is a bionic finish, which means if any oils from my face, dirty hands or maybe a spill of a drink or a rainy day, it repels it off. I love that about this suit. When you have something this bold/dark, you want to go light on the shirt. Pink, baby blue, grey or white work well with this purple suit. Wearing something this unique is always a good way to stand out. Be BOLD, and play with patterns. Both brown or black shoes will work with the suit.

I got to say paisley is a nice pattern, but most guys choose not to wear it. I think paisley is unique and the colors and patterns blend so well with the suit and shirt. Now I have never bought a shirt from Calvin Klein before, but I saw the bright blue and ran with it! The shirt has a stretch to it, so this makes moving easy; plus light and iron-free is always good. Tell me what you guys think!

Hope you guys enjoy the helpful tips and until next time. 


Shirt: Calvin Klein
Tie: Express
Suit: Sarar
Tie Bar: The Tie Bar


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