Royal Blue

I hope everyone had a great weekend; this weather in Chicago was nothing but B.E.A-UTIFUL! With this look I wanted to do something different. I own a lot of suits, and I mean A LOT, but I never owned a royal blue suit before. Not to mention a royal blue suit from Zara. I must say the Zara slim fit suit is pretty comfortable. The pants have a stretch to them, which makes it easy to move around, and to avoid every guy’s fear of ripping his pants. With this royal blue suit you can wear grey, white, lavender, and  baby blue shirts. Brown or black shoes can complete this look! The dress shoes I am wearing are from Cohan Haan: monk strap are my favorite type of dress shoe. 

Overall I give Zara a thumbs up on its slim fit suit! Whether you’re job hunting, newly hired or just upgrading your suit closet this suit fits different occasions. I would defiantly go check them out and you'll get a good price on a suit. It will help you ace the interview and serve you long after that. I hope you enjoy the look and tips. Till next time

Stay classy

Steven Bautista

Shoes: Cohan Haan
Suit: Zara
Tie: Express
Socks: J Crew
Shirt: Top Man


  1. enjoy every piece you have on, strong blue suit, the socks and a major fan of the brown monks, Excellent


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