The Power of a Blazer

Good Day World! I hope everyone is having a great day! This week I decided to wear a blazer and slacks. Now, I think it’s a great look to add some color in the summer and change up the look in the office. My logic has always been mixing brown and blue, and it makes perfect sense because you have a warm color meeting a cooler one

Navy blue and browns go hand-in-hand in the summer. Keep an open mind and wear a pattern shirt when going all solidLets talk about the tie, now I bought this tie a while ago and I must say I love the solid color. Can you guess where it’s from? Aldo, that’s right! 3 years ago I used to work at Aldo. Just a little fun fact about myself, and no I am not working there currently, haha. Take my advice and mix the blues and browns together. Add a couple of brown shirts and ties to the blue you already own and the possibilities quickly become limitless and, best of all, totally mistake-proof. 

Stay Classy

Steven Bautista

Shirt: Express
Shoes: Sarar
Blazer: Zegna
Socks: Express


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