Wall Street

How’s everyone doing? This week has been super busy for me, but busy is always good! Changing it up a bit from a skinny 2-width tie to a 3-width tie. Keeping it very traditional. Let’s be honest, I don’t see a lot of guys wearing this shirt style anymore. One person had commented on my StraightFunction Instagram saying it looks 'wall street'? I totally agree with that comment! I think this is a simple business attire look. Wear this look for that interview and you'll be sure to nail it! If you're not a fan of the orange tie, try a nice sold color like baby blue, grey or red. Don't forget to hashtag #straightfunction so I can see all of your combos! Have a GREAT weekend! 

Keep it classy 

Steven Bautista

Suit: Sarar
Shirt: Sarar
Tie: Macys


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