A Bit Windy

How’s everyone doing? This week I picked up new ties and socks from The Tie Bar. They always have great patterns for the ties and socks. They also have men’s accessories for the everyday suit. On Sundays the place I love to eat at is called Sugar Bowl. Best crepes I’ve tried so far! This look is a peak lapel with a crisp white shirt. Now this suit may look all navy, but it has a thin pin strip of a light tan.  The new, evolving pinstripe suit comes with both benefits and restrictions. That’s why, should you be considering this particular style, I am letting you in on how to pull off a pinstripe suit. The pinstripe suit can work for almost any guy! It’s the obvious choice for the accomplished businessman ready to visually demonstrate his mad skills because if you know how to pull off a pinstripe suit, it can make a bold statement. Of course I have to wear my orange color socks and monk strap shoes.  Also, don’t be surprised with the flower Lapel to match the socks and tie. I hope you enjoy the look, until next time.

Keep it Classy

Steven Bautista

Shirt: Top Man
Socks: The Tie Bar
Tie: The The Tie Bar
Shoes: Cole Haan


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