Collar of the Future

Hey Everyone 


Hope your holiday weekend was filled with fun memories. You have seen me in this suit before, but I am here to tell you guys about the collar. I am so used to wearing a tie, but this shirt is the collar of the future, why you ask? The collar shirt is easy to wear and very versatile. It's in-between a tee and shirt that makes it look awesome.  Toss a suit on with the band-collar shirt for when you decide to go out for happy hour after work with the guys, maybe even a date with someone special. Try wearing it on casual Fridays at the office.


I wore this brand-collar shirt for the Chicago Fashion shows a couple of weeks ago. Tons of great designers and here are some pictures of Borris Powell men suiting. Hope everyone has a great week.

Stay classy
Steven Bautista

Suit: Zara
Shirt: H&M
Shoe laces: The Tie Bar
Shoes: 21 Men


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