Denim & Orange Tie

I kept it casual this time. I am wearing an orange tie and a denim jacket, now the shoes I am wearing you will never guess where I got them! Any guesses? Ok I got them at Payless. Yes, Payless!  $9.50 is a steal! They are comfortable, but I can’t blame myself if they start falling apart. Let's be honest, I get what I pay for in this situation. Sone guys assumed they were Cohan shoes. Since I am on my feet a lot I need something comfortable.


Of course the tie is from The Tie Bar and the jacket is from 21 Men. When it came down to the pants I wanted to wear brown. Brown pants are a great way to change up your wardrobe. If you checked out my Instagram, I went to a fashion show Saturday night. Ceasar was the host and he is the co-founder of Latino Fashion Week. The show had great designers and awesome suits. I hope you guys enjoy the look.

Stay classy 

Steven Bautista


Jacket: 21 MEN

Tie: The Tie Bar

Shoes: Payless

Pants: Zara


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