Double Breasted Blazer

 Thrift shopping is always fun just because you never know what you're gonna find. One man's trash is another person's treasure! In this case it is true. The double breasted blazer I am wearing I picked up at a local thrift shop called Savers. It came with a set of pants, but they were too small on the waist... Bummer. 

Now I want the double breasted blazer to do the talking for me, so why not wear a white shirt and a black tie? Instead of wearing a solid black tie I wanted to have some fun and wear one with polkadots. With this color, green with black lines in the blazer, black would do just fine, or even a grey tie. Black photographer pants from Express of course, and always a black pair of shoes. Tell me what you guys think!? Try to put this look together. 

Stay classy 
Steven Bautista 

Tie: The Tie Bar 
Shirt: Express 
Pants: Express 
Blazer : Savers Thrift store


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