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For the next couple of weeks, I will be writing about a couple of special topics. You might ask yourself why I am writing about these special topics. Well, I am graduating with my degree in Fashion Merchandising, and I have been thinking about expanding my blog for a while. Don’t worry, I will still write about my daily looks and continue to give men advice on how to suit up.


 This article talks about how young women are taking over corporate America and becoming leaders at their jobs. Nowadays, it is more common to see men as stay-at-home dads and they have formed supportive communities or networks that are quickly expanding. I support women’s rights and equality. Women are joining in on such activities as going to the shooting range and kicking ass in the gym. Women’s roles have changed in sports as well, from becoming the first female coach to being a famous well-known athlete. Two examples are, Becky Hammon, who is the assistant coach for the Spurs, and Serena Williams, the best female tennis player in the world, with 17 career Grand Slams, including the 2013 US Open.

  So, my question is, how is the “She-Change” going to affect the fashion world? Now, as you know, I wear suits, and men are usually the ones who primarily tailor and make the suits. But what if a women wants to be the next big suit seller? She would be the one female to go out of her comfort zone and style men. She would compete in the industry with the likes of Hugo Boss and Tom Ford. I think it would change the fashion world and for me, I would be very interested in trying the fit of the suit and seeing how the brand would grow.  I’m eager to meet the woman wiling to take on this challenge.

In the meantime, there are a ton of women bloggers who are becoming famous and are great trendsetters. Here, in Chicago, I know of a couple of women bloggers who are doing a great job.  A shout out to BrowngirlstylesTheFBombsHotpinkstyle55 and may they continue in their success. The era of the female movement is growing and I feel it will continue to grow in the next two years.

  I hope you enjoyed this and if you want to read the full article, I have provided the link below.

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