New York Fashion Week 2015

Hello Gents,
As you know, I recently attended New York Fashion Week. Boy, was it a great experience. I am very fortunate to have attended once before, but the glamour of it all never gets old. During my time there, I visited Tommy Hilfiger's Flagship store, Fashion Snoops, Linda Richards, and Tiger J, LLC. From the best clothes to great display boards; I left with nothing but motivation.

During my week there I was invited to a couple fashion shows including the Art Institute's, Ashley Simmons', who you may know as Run DMC's Russell Simmons' daughter, and ARTSTIX. To see all the hard work that goes into these shows is simply incredible.As in previous years, Fashion Week was not held at Lincoln center, rather the shows were held in all different locations throughout the city. Public Transportation and walking was my way of getting around.

If you didn't notice from my Instagram, (StraightFunction) I was able to meet with Frank Jedda, the GOD of suits. He has been making custom suits for celebrities and the elite class for many years.  He is my inspiration, and it was an honor to meet him.While I was there it was nice and warm, wearing a brown chino from Combat Gentleman kept me nice and cool with a denim shirt. New York City will always be the city filed with people who have made it and continue to live the American dream.

Stay classy

Steven Bautista

Suit: Combat Gent
Tie: The tie bar
Shirt: H & M


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