Get Vestive

'Tis the season for holiday parties.  If you are fortunate enough to partake in these activities, wearing a vest is always a nice choice. If you own a wool suit use the jacket and vest, but you leave the pants at home. If the event is business casual, this look would be quite dapper. Accessorizing this outfit with a tie/tie-bar from The Tie Bar (of course) has enough detail to start a conversation with everyone from the office.

Or, pair the vest with a well-fitting button-down shirt, pressed suit jacket, and a dark wash pant. These pants should be a slimmer fit to be consistent with your vest. Make sure the pant don't have any fancy fades or holes. With the right pair of jeans, you can achieve a smart casual look and avoid a jarring juxtaposition between dressy and casual. You never want to look business on top and over-relaxed on the bottom. 

I hope you enjoyed this look and thank you for reading.
Steven Bautista


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