Camel coat

Greetings Gents,

If you are looking to replace your old, worn-out overcoat, now is the time! Why invest in an overcoat you ask? Not only can overcoats can be paired with business, casual and formal apparel but also it is a great way to stay warm on these cold Chicago streets!

I purchased this over coat from Combat Gent. Camel color coats seem to be the new trend and I see an abundance of them in the streets of downtown Chicago.

For those who keep up with my blog/ IG you may have noticed I own a navy and grey over coat, but this camel color is by far my favorite.  Speaking from experience, I can say it helps in these cold Chicago nights when heading home after an event or work. Working downtown HAS ITS PERKS!

Hurry, now is the perfect time for you to purchase your overcoat since all the winter coats are on sale!!!!


Steven Bautista


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