Monarch Thrift Shop

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Thrifting is a lifestyle and cultural but beneficial. I will be the first to admit men’s clothing is not cheap, in fact, I believe it is pricier than women’s clothing. I was given the opportunity to visit this store. Combing through the suit rack, I found an abundance of name brands of men’s clothing (London Fog, Jose.A.Bank, Allen Edmonds, Men’s warehouse) are just a taste of what I found at Monark! Overflow of suits, shirts, shoes, and ties…everything you need to complete your professional look!

A man must wear a suit at one point in his life, but he must not be the suit. The suit must work for you, you don’t work for the suit. If you find a suit that does not fit, you can easily tailor the jacket to make it fitted. Mixing and matching suit styles can be fun.
But before you split up a suit, you need to follow a few rules:
-Wearing suit separates is all about playing with colors and patterns. But the rule of thumb is to style it correctly to look professional. If you are wearing a patterned Blazer I suggest wearing a solid shirt. Too much pattern will make you look like you got dressed in the dark ha-ha.
-Make sure you are wearing the right dress shoes and other accessories to help you pull it off.

Mixing and matching is key to having different looks throughout the week. I recommend visiting Monarch, and visit consistently because you never know what might be there the next week.
 Located: 2866 N Milwaukee Avenue

Chicago, IL. 60618

(773) 797-2090




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