Shopping for Shorts

Chicago weather lately has been a mystery…snow, rain and sun all in one day! As the week goes by, you may start to notice male manikins’ dressed in shorts in a storefront, especially on Michigan Ave. You eventually realize that you have to showcase your favorite kaki colored pair of shorts (since these are the shorts you turn to when going out). But let's be honest, you can't wear the same kaki colored shorts everyday in the summer! Picture this, you are at a summer BBQ with your closest friends who are capturing pictures and posting them on social media. Tom had a few too many and Becky spilled the potato salad on the floor… a night to remember! A week later another occasion calls for short weather and again you are captured in the same kaki shorts! AWKWARD!!

Right now you are thinking, “I do not want to be that guy!” Who does?!? So while you are out buying a new pair of shorts remember to consider length as a factor. Lengths range from 5, 7,9,11 (I am 5’11” so I can rock 7-9 inch length).  Generally, 5’9”-6’ tall men should have no problem with 7-9 length (this is the safe zone for us guys). If you’re shorter, you should consider 5 or 7 inch. Always remember, you never want the shorts to go past your knee! I hope you find these tips helpful.



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