April showers brings May….. showers??

Talk about raining cats and dogs here in Chicago! If you are anything like me, a person who doesn’t like to carry an umbrella, then your only other option would be a raincoat. When I say “raincoat” I know what comes to mind; the yellow rain coats with the matching boots. Haha! I present you with something more fashionable. This well constructed, smart technology raincoat made by Timberland. This jacket can handle any type of rain; from heavy down pour to light drizzle.

Here are some benefits to owning this terrific jacket:
Waterproof material is key to staying dry. This jacket is seam-sealed (which means extra protection) made with a treatable rubber or plastic to keep the water from getting your clothes wet. Aside from the waterproof feature, the jacket contains two layers, which make it easy for your body to breathe. This is awesome! Afterall, who wants to show up to work with sweat stains on their clothes?!?  Another added benefit, it’s easy to put away. Just fold it up and pack it in your backpack, easy as 1..2..3.

I also received a pair of Timberland Brook Park suede chukka shoes. These shoes can be paired up with denim or a nice crisp trouser. I know everyone thinks it’s a bad idea to wear suede when it’s raining but believe it or not these shoes are water resistant! The bottom of the shoe has L7 traction that provides grip when walking in this rainy weather.
I have provided you with the links so you can add these pieces to your collection.
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A BIG Thank You to Timberland for providing me with these pieces!!



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