Extraordinary not ordinary

Buying a new suit for the summer is tricky but a must especially since wedding season is arriving. You may find yourself shopping for a lighter color suit for this special occasion. Want to make an impression? Then I suggest a royal blue suit! Owning a royal blue suit has many advantages so don’t be intimidated by the color. Picking color shirts or patterns to match are simple! Then again, this is where I come in, to guide you.

Pairing this color blue with lighter shirts and a tie that compliments it will help bring out the look. Light grey, pink, or baby blue shirts will work perfect. You sir, will stand out from the rest of the people at any occasion and will be the conversation starter! I always like wearing a pattern tie with a solid suit and shirt…..it keeps the look well-balanced and business professional. Remember, when buying a slim fit suit be sure to check the lapel so the tie is the same size or smaller.

Let’s talk shoes. I have a black pair of double monk shoes on, but either brown or black will work. I love these shoes because you can wear them casually or with any slim fit suit. They certainly complete the look. Click the links below to find out where to buy these products.
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