3 piece Suit on Sunny days

The last thing you want to do on a hot Chicago summer day is layer on clothing. What if I show you a way to layer up AND make you look cool and stay cool?!? Check this out…I am wearing a 3-piece suit from Express. This light blue color can be matched with any light color shirt or tie. Wearing light colors in the summer always work best since they keep you cool. I decided to wear a light lavender shirt with a dark navy/ purple tie to bring it all together (pink or white shirts work just as well incase you are not the biggest fan of lavender).

The cool thing about a 3-piece suit is that you can always take off the jacket and wear just the vest if you get too hot. The vest alone will give you a nice style.
Owning 3-piece suit will give you plenty of options, whether you wear only the vest or the jacket alone. Try different combinations like wearing the vest with a pair of denim jeans. Whatever you decided to wear it with, wear it with confidence as you go to that job interview or special event. It’s always better to over dress than underdress. I hope you enjoyed the post and remember to follow me on Instagram.




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