Cotton Suiting

Hanging out around the Lincoln Park area can be a great way to spend a day. Do some shopping at places such as The Tie Bar and Bonobos; and finish the day of by enjoying some food at Home Slice or Taco Joint (just to name a few). I spent the day in Lincoln Park and wore my kaki color suit from express. I interpret this suit as light and a conversation starter. I paired the suit with a red tie. To be honest, I don’t wear many red ties. I always hear people comment on the color red; which brings passion and strength to mind. Lately I have seen many gents wearing suits with sneakers. I think it looks great and I am all for that but make sure you wear the right ones!

Wearing Adidas Stan Smiths are a classic safe shoe to wear with just about anything. Suits and Stan Smiths are perfect for each other, they go together like peanut butter and jelly (now I want a PB&J sandwich...HaHa). Anyway, I am wearing my double monk brown shoes. For those of you that follow me, you know they are my favorite type of dress shoes.

To my NYC fan’s, I will be in town for Men’s Fashion Week! Be sure to follow me on IG or Snapchat to see where I am at! See you soon!




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