T-Shirt with a Blazer

Tee shirt time!!! (Some Jersey Shore humor for you). With this look, I wanted to keep it simple so I did this by adding a blazer over the shirt. This look made me think of the old “Mullet” hairstyle, business in the front but party in the back type of feel. However way you imagine it, it’s a nice way to stay comfortable during the humid days in the City of Chicago.

Keeping yourself cool in the summer is essential. I was going for a clean and light look here so I traded in the dress shirt for my V-neck shirt (exclusive from Nordstrom).  The key is to always have a soft fitted shirt.

If you haven’t already noticed I enjoying wearing white pants. White pants compliment any neutral color, just in case you can’t decide on the color blazer. Well I hope you enjoyed the look and be sure to stay informed and follow me on IG: Straightfunction and snapchat: Stebau21.




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