Doughnuts & Poke-a-dot tie

Working downtown has its perks, but the lunch hour can be the worst. Spending half your lunch in line at a restaurant can be a hassle not to mention inconvenient. Those days are over for me thanks to the Ritual App. The Ritual App is a “ The Fastlane for Urban Professionals”.  You have the leisure of ordering and picking up food from a variety of cafes and top restaurants in the Chicago land area. The best part is you can pay thru your phone.

Through Ritual I came across Bombobar, who serve doughnuts, coffee and gelato. So many choices but I narrowed it down to two; salted caramel and original. They were delicious! If you are ever in the west loop and see Bombobar DOUGH-NUT pass this place up!

I dressed business casual when visiting Bombobar. Hounds-tooth jacket with a Poke-a-dot tie.  These are simple and elegant colors that compliment each other to make you stand out.


( @ Camera_Chi)


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