Traveling?!? At times people tend to overpack or underpack. Whatever the case may be, the thought of forgetting something is nerve recking. I tend to pack light because I believe that having the essential key pieces helps make the job easier. I ALWAYS pack a suit no matter where I am traveling. Natural color suits seem to work the best since you can take it apart and combine the blazer with jeans. VOILA… you have yourself two outfits! Oh, don’t forget to bring an extra shirt, and a pair of casual and dress shoes.

Here is a list of clothing articles I usually pack:
- Suit  
- 2 shirts (casual and dress shirt)
- Jeans
- Sneakers and dress shoes
- 1 Watch

And just in case my flight gets delayed I also pack:
-A good book
-Beat headphones

What do you guys bring?




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