Tote Bag & Travel Jacket

Lately I have been keeping it pretty casual by wearing my Combat Gent travel blazer with a shirt and tie. The Combat Gent Blazer has been something I’ve worn a lot lately because it’s easy to pair with and the material is anti-wrinkle. This grey blazer pairs well with a navy shirt (solid shirts are always popular but I have been trying to wear more pattern shirts). Aside from wearing pattern shirts, I really enjoy wearing knit ties. Knit ties can be worn for business or business casual.

Yes, I have jumped on the tote bag bandwagon! Owning one makes things sooooo much easier. I usually carry my laptop with me everywhere. Oh, and I cant  forget my camera and chargers! A tote bag fits all my things and can be held like a briefcase….but it’s not a briefcase haha. A messenger bag can be a hassel since you throw it on your shoulder and can potentially wrinkle your suit shoulder.

Next week I will be in Montreal, Canada..SUPER EXCITED! If any gents in Canada would like to leave me a message or comment what places I should check out please do! Besure to follow me on IG: Straightfunction & Snapchat: Stebau1




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