Monday Blues

January marked 2 years of Straight Function.  Achieving my daily goal of helping guys look dapper is fulfilling. I am proud to see how far I’ve come and I want to thank everyone who has followed me from the start!

This outfit is one main color but different tones. Keeping that sharp clean pressed navy suit with a light striped blue shirt helps it stand out. Can’t forget about the tie from Knots Apparel CO.  from the SprezzaBox December box. Lastly, I added a red pocket square to finish the look.  

I know carrying around your laptop can be a pain, at least for me it is, so I like carrying my ipad in a small bag like this one. These small bags are great because you can carry a lot of essential things in them. Leaves one hand free for your coffee!   

Speaking of coffee, that’s the first thing I get in the morning before I go to work.  Tell me what you think?

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Photos by: @Misterleff


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