Brown Chino Suit

Brown suiting is the perfect attire for spring. Pictured here is a light chino suit from Combatant Gent. If you ask me, a brown suit is the safety net, just like a navy suit. Let me tell you why. You can match a brown suit with practically any color: pink, grey, navy, light blue, and white of course. Pattern shirts also work well, you just have to be careful to pair it with the right tie. Ditching the pants and wearing the blazer with white pants is another way to go.

Whether it is spring or summer, its important to have light and soft fabrics. The feel of a chino suit is great but it wrinkles easily so you might have to take it to the dry cleansers a little more often. Overall owning the look and taking chances is what fashion is about.  As a consumer I would recommend you checking out Combat Gent and the new line of suiting for affordable suits. Suit supply is another great place to pick up a brown suit like this.  Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow me on Ig & Snapchat( Stebau21).



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