Keeping it Casual

Sometimes I feel like it’s a jeans and a blazer kind of day! Of course, it all depends on the occasion, but casual Fridays at work are always nice. This gives you the opportunity to express yourself a little different. Here I paired jeans with a knit navy blazer from JackThreads. Link in Bio. One of my favorite color combos is brown and navy. It works all year round and it adds a nice pop of color! Also, a denim button up is a must have in your wardrobe.

Cotton blazers are easy to wear because they are like a sweater, comfortable and warm. They are also very flexible which allows you to move around freely. Don't get me wrong, a crisp dry clean blazer will always be one of my favorites but something about being comfortable on a Sunday is a great feeling! I selected some of my favorite brands below. Look and buy! Check out Twillory website! Awesome ties and shirts. Link is below.

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Photos: @Misterleff ( Josh Leff)


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