What's in your pocket?


I'm going to review with you the items I carry on a daily bases. I try not carry a lot on me to avoid having bulky pockets.
Pens- I like to keep a pen on me to write things I need to remember to do that day.

Keys-  Of course keys are important, unless you have finger print door locks! I try to keep important items on my keyring such as  gym membership cards, gas cards and cannot forget my Panera card as well!

Card Holder- slimming down your wallet is always nice to do. I don't carry money as much because everything is either debit cards or Apple Pay. I love me some Apple Pay !

Lip Balm- if it were up to me I would use vasoline on my lips

Gum/ Ticktacks – it's always important to keep your breath smelling good for any situation you deal with during the day.

What’s in your pocket? Let me know what you think! Don't forget to follow me on IG and Snapchat: Stebau21




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