Bomber Jackets

Spring is here and boy has the weather been unpredictable. Walking out of the house without a jacket is not an option. Check out these Bomber Jackets…they are perfect for this weather, light and stylish. Best part is there are so many ways to match this jacket with your wardrobe! You can wear it with sweats and a hoodie, like shown here in the pictures. Or I like it over a button-down shirt, a crewneck sweater, and slim pants for a mix of diverse and sort of a street-wear style.

The real trick though is to choose a fabric that will work into your wardrobe in as many situations as possible. This way you never have to choose just one way to wear it in different weather or occasions. FYI, a bomber jacket also gives you a muscular and trim look!

If you really like these bomber jackets visit Brooklyn Cloth to order yours today.  I will also be giving away the pink jacket so stay tuned on my instagram or snapchat   ( Stebau21) to get more details on the giveaway.  As always thank you for reading and following me.




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