Polo’s in the spring

Chicago weather will require for you to wear a nice polo with a blazer.

Looks like the cold Chicago days are finally gone! I decided to mix it up a bit from my everyday suit and show you gents how to keep it dapper with polo. Wearing Polo in the summer is a great way to mix up your style. Having a well-fitted polo is essential. You want to find a polo that’s not too tight and not too big (you want to be able to breath when you walk ha-ha).

A bit of advice, don’t wear undershirts with polo’s…it doesn’t fit or look right. Starting off with neutral colors is a good idea. As your collection grows stripes are a next option. 

Tucking your Polo in your pants?

It’s a question I get asked. I say if you’re wearing shorts keep it untucked. If you wear a suit you can do both. Tuck it in or keep it untucked, but personally if I was wearing a suit I would tuck it in.  

The outfit I am wearing is from express, olive color polo with a suede jacket. Keeping it casual I am ready for a relaxing day with friends or running errands for the day.  Thanks for reading and be sure to follow me on IG: Straightfunction.


Photos: Josh Leff ( IG @Misterleff)

shades with a brown blazer, and blue jeans and white shoes best combo to wear when the weather is a little chilly.


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