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A man wearing a flamingo floral t-shirt with white pants and loafers.

It’s no secret summer is around the corner. Thanks to Brooklyn cloth I received great summer gear. Short sleeve shirts are important to keep a cool and classy vibe. Why not go bold with a floral shirt?!? It can be worn to your next summer wedding or you can wear it to the beach.

If you haven’t noticed many brands are creating their style of floral or bird shirts. What I like about Brooklyn cloth shirts is they are light and the print is fun. My favorite shirt is the one with the flamingos. Pair it up with white pants and loafers and you will get a nice summer look. Shorts and sneakers are always a great combo too! 

How to take care of your 100% percent cotton shirts:
-wash them in cold temperature water
-Never dry them in the dryer; only air dry 
-Don’t forget to iron the shirt so you look nice and crisp when you walk out the door!

Be sure to check out Brooklyn cloths website and follow me on IG. Have a great week and talk to you next time!


Photos by Josh Leff ( @misterleff)

a flamingo t-shirt with blues and pinks that pop out.

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