New York & Puerto Rico Trips

Newyork city the fashion industry.

Wow, It’s been a crazy couple of weeks! Let me tell you what I’ve been up too…
First, I had the honor of participating in my FIRST TEDX TALK (I will create a blog post for that when I receive the pictures and video).  I also visited the city that never sleeps…. New York City!!!

New York City is a city I don’t mind visiting over and over again.  I attended an event with SprezzaBox. It was a cocktail mixer with Plymouth Gin & Cocktail Crate.  If you never had Plymouth Gin I highly recommend it. We all have mixers and use soda or sparkling water… DON’T! Order yourself Cocktail Crate mixer and sign up to their email list to receive 10 percent off you’re first purchase.  

The Following day I met with Brooklyn Cloth and picked up some AWESOME short sleeve shirts and tees.

Two days later I was off to Puerto Rico. Hot and rainy! Hiking in the rainforest, laying on the beaches, eating and drinking was a great way to relax! Thanks to Brooklyn Cloth for the button up when exploring Old San Juan.  Click the links in the bottom to grab these shirts!


cocktail crate craft mixer bottle and a bottle of gin.

Grey full suit style in luxurious hotel while holding a cigar.

Floral t-shirt design with jeans and loafers


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