Suiting Up With Indochino

Suiting comes down to one-thing gents, it’s FIT.  When I am looking for a suit, I think about what I already have. Is this suit for a special occasion?  I recently had a made to measure suit from Indochino. Investing in a custom suit is always your best choice. Decent suits are available off the rack but you will still need to take them to your tailor for adjustments

I envisioned this suit to be bold, with peak lapels, belt loops, and the whole nine! As you can tell, I got exactly what I wanted: a double-breasted wool-silk blend that would surely turn heads. The whole process was easy. It took 1 fittings and 3 weeks to get it done. When I went in for my final fitting, we did minor touch-ups (I’m super picky about length on my pants) and I was told that my measurements would always be in the system for the convenience of future orders! How easy is that? Furthermore, the suit would have a quicker turnaround since my profile was already complete to my personal liking.

When it was finally completed I was ready to wear downtown. I added some final touches with my grandfather’s fedora. Let me know what you think of the look?  I am going to leave a link to visit the store in Chicago. 



Photos : IG @camera_chi


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