The perfect seasonal suit color

Greetings Ladies & Gents

If you haven’t checked out my recent posts on Instagram, you may have missed out on my fall color scheme. Wearing dark, rich colors, like navies and browns, are perfect for fall and winter. The suit I am wearing is a blue and burgundy striped one from Indochino that is 100 percent wool fabric and is perfect for this time of year. 

The accessories that makes this suit look so great are all in the October Sprezza Box. The navy blue foulard tie goes hand in hand with the navy blue piping of the white pocket square from Alara. Then, bring the look together with a light blue Tattersall shirt and complementary navy striped SPREZZA socks. Finally, don’t forget the watch from Maestro, the black leather-strap keeps it looking classic.

To complete the look, lets talk about the shoes. The shoes that I am holding are designed in Chicago from a brand called Marc Nolan. Marc Nolan is direct to consumer shoe brand that prides themselves  on offering luxury shoes for a fraction of the price. I will attach the link so you can shop their awesome shoes.

Marc Nolan

Sprezza Box




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