Brooklyn Cloth Bomber Jacket

When it’s cold in Chicago, it’s COLD! Be sure to wear a beanie! I’ve partnered with Brooklyn Cloth for this look. If you haven’t seen me in a Bomber Jacket, visit my home page and read that blog post.  What’s different about this bomber jacket is it has a hood. Not just a simple hood, but one inspired by military flight jackets, hence the red tag ”Ready to fly.” This bomber jacket is now one of my favorite jackets from them. Lets talk about the “ Black Moto Twill Joggers,” they are super comfortable and I love the extra details on the knees. The ribbed moto detail gives it more of an edgy look. It stretches when you sit down or tie your vans shoes. If you do not own a pair of “Old Skool” Vans I recommend you buy a pair. What do you think of the look? I will add the links to all the clothing here.



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