Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas in Chicago.

Last minute planning? Still need a outfit? Still need a date? I can only help with two out of the three, but here are some ideas to plan a great Valentine’s Day date in Chicago. 

To start off the night you have to go to my favorite bar in the city, The Drinking Bird. I highly suggest stopping by for a drink. The vibe is very chill and the music isn’t too loud. You and your date will have a great time, not to mention they have the best “Old Fashion” in the city. And the best part, no reservations needed. 

Outfit? If you have reservations for a restaurant already, lets dress for the occasion. Right now, Express is having a sale: $100 off suiting. Here I am wearing a black suit with a white shirt and no tie. But you can pair it with a nice red tie if you’re feeling festive. Now, I know what you’re thinking, no one wears black suits unless it’s for a funeral or wedding. I want to break that rule. Yes, navy and charcoal are better to wear out and are more versatile. BUT for a night out, black looks a lot better. Wear your navy/ charcoal suit for job interviews and summer weddings, if you’re not a groomsmen. 

Finally but most importantly, dont forget the chocolate and flowers. Your date will most likely say “I just want to be with you and I don’t need anything,” but STOP right there! It’s a trap!!! Of course they want flowers and chocolate! Go early to Mariano’s or Jewel before they start selling out. They always have nice flowers and someone in the floral department will wrap them up for you to make them look like they came from a fancy boutique.  

Cheers guys and good luck! 

P.S. I will be at the Bulls game, look for me!


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