Chicago Chop House: Dinner Attire

I had the opportunity to attend the ONLY Irish steakhouse since 1986 in Chicago. In order to get the most out of this experience, I had to also have the right attire! Now you’re probably wondering what to wear to a steak house? Steakhouses have always had the fancy atmosphere that is also labeled on their menu prices. So to start, I definitely recommend that you wear at least a blazer or even a full suit for the occasion. You can never go wrong with overdressing here. For me, however, I wanted to have a blazer that stood out. I didn’t hesitate to purchase a burgundy suede blazer from Bachrach when I found it at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago. Bachrach has been in the industry since 1877, but now their locations are closing. Although unfortunate, it is also the perfect opportunity to stock up on slacks, shirts, and blazers at discounted rates. The burgundy blazer was a hit! I was receiving tons of complements.
During this event, I was greeted with champagne and good friends. The chefs and waiters taught us all steak education! The difference between the cuts, rubs and how they prep the steak before every order. Arriving to the chophouse, I was blown away by all the history in the building; including the photographs of all the past Chicago mayors that surrounded the downstairs bar. Celebrating 32 wonderful years as the city’s only authentic Irish steak house spoke wonders about their food and great customer service that they offer everyday. Tons of history on every floor, imagine what you can learn if the walls could talk!
Chicago Chophouse is introducing a new menu but bringing back the same rich taste and reasonable pricing. The dinner menu now includes an extensive choice of steak cuts and sizes to appeal to a variety of appetites, as well as, vegetarian options, and new savory/sweet appetizers. Chicago Chophouse stays true to its name by butchering all of its meats in-house. They also have their own dry-aged facility where the meats sit for 30 days.

Chicago Chophouse is open nightly for dinner.

3:30pm- 10:30pm

Make a reservation
Call 312.87.7100

 Suit/Blazer sale: bachrach


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