Game day Outfit

Sports are a major part of Chicago, and if you haven’t noticed, I am a BIG basketball & baseball fan. Attending these events can come with a lot of great experiences, but first it is essential to know what to wear before you walk out the door. Now, although there is a vast diversity in clothing options and categories that you can wear to a Bulls game, my favorite selection is an H&M leather jacket and of course, the Bulls Jersey underneath. Depending on what you’re wearing, T-Shirt or Jersey, they both will look GREAT with a leather jacket! These are the few times that I like switching my style up to a more casual/street wear.
This style of choice must also include casual footwear along with the outfit. A friend of mine recommended the Adidas “Prophere shoes”. Not only do they look great with almost any daily outfit, but they are also super comfortable to keep on for the entire day.

Let me know what you think.  

The one goal I have is to update my sneaker collection, if you have shoes to recommend please leave a comment.

Photos: @misterleff


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