Single vs. Double Breasted Jackets : The Ivan Martinez Special

Hello Guys!

I had the pleasure of shooting with Ivan Martinez last month, We decided to wear our favorite jackets for this Photo shoot.I am wearing my made to measure jacket from Knot Standard. If you haven’t been to Knot Standard I highly recommend them! I will leave the link so you can book your appointment.

How can you wear/separate the jackets from the pants? They come in one, two, three buttons. I stay away from those that have 3 or more buttons, but the one-button, single-breasted jackets mostly in formal wear, two-button, three-button are your everyday suit off the rack or made to measure. It’s a rare sighting when you see a gent wear a 3-button jacket.

Now, understand that a double-breasted jacket is most of the time going to be associated with a suit, although you will see double-breasted jackets in blazers, and those can of course obviously be worn with jeans if they’re not worn as a suit. Both jackets can be worn causal or dressed up. Both Ivan and I are wearing our jackets with jeans, which keeps it casual but looks professional. 

Book appointment at Knot Standard

Photos by 

Nikolas Jaramillo @nigojapics

Who wore it better? Ivan or Myself?  Vote on our IG Story!




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