Why YOU SHOULD Wear Linen!

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What’s Going on Guys!

It’s getting pretty warm but that shouldn't stop us from wearing great clothing. so today we'll talk about the fabric LINEN: 

·      Why you should wear linen
·      The Pros
·      The Cons

When heat rises its best to choose fabric that doesn't trap the heat, and linen is the material that is very breathable. As it gets warmer outside, you would want to wear something light and with an ability to help eliminate moisture. Linen shirts are always going to be a relaxed fit because it needs to flow and breath to get the moister out. Another perk of wearing this material is that undershirts are not needed! A lot of men’s brands have these shirts, I'll share a few of my favorites below. Summer season is also wedding season, so here are some tips, pros and cons, to dressing up those linen suits:
·      Breathable! Wear a crisp white shirt and ditch the tie for a summer look.
·      Linen suit’s always come in fun colors so brighten your wardrobe with a bright blue or a mint color like the one I have on. 
·      Easy to wear with a T-shirt and sneakers!
·      Get a Linen suit with cotton or wool.

Cons of a Linen suits
·      Easily wrinkles

Yeah…… that’s pretty much it LOL! Definitely more pros than cons to this summer fabric!

I hope these tips help you expand your wardrobe!
Be BOLD… Never Boring.


Steven Straight Function

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