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Why you should buy a Left Cost Tees! Left Coast Tee insists on the finest cotton available—hand-picked, Peruvian Pima cotton. Our exclusively finished, Pima cotton tee shirts provide the ultimate in comfort and year-round wearability, especially in the South and other humid areas like Chicago!

All Shirts are
·      Handpicked, Peruvian Pima cotton
·      Signature, interior neck taping to maintain shape
·      Lycra in ribbing for stretch & recovery
·      Interior yoke piece
·      Side vents add comfort & style, tucked or untucked
·      Proprietary fabric finish for durability & luxurious feel
·      Embroidered “T” logo on lower left front

Shapes in

·      Shaped to the body
·      Contoured side seams: narrower waist
·      Lower neckline, narrow rib
·      Narrower shoulder, armhole & sleeve
·      Slightly shorter length

To buy this Tee here is the link!

Have a great day Gents!


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