Chino Suiting & How to wear them. Ft. @Iamrmartinez

Wedding season, graduations, and special dinner occasions - This time of the year is ideal dor a smart, adaptable summer suit. Summer suiting is all about light fabrics, the stretch and keeping it versatile. I am wearing a suit with stretch and cotton which makes it easy to wear in hot. Ivan and I both live in the Midwest where humidity is a killer! The way I wear my suit is somewhat different than the way Ivan wears his. I prefer a fun short-sleeve dress shirt and polo.  These are my favorite looks when wearing a suit in the summer to stay cool, look good, and have a little more fun. I always enjoy collaborating with my Best-Friend Ivan so we wanted to show you our looks for a chino suit.  

A  sharp polo shirt,Gives you the flexibility of making the jacket optional. A polo is a nice way to keep it business casual or formal if you’re going on a date. I picked a grey and blue trim polo that has stretch as well so it’s easy to move when tucked in.The trim detail of the polo will play off the suit color. A solid black or white polo will also work as well. As for the floral shirt, I like mixing pattern shirts with a solid suit. Wear the shirt with jeans or with the suit pants, and you can’t go wrong! I  typically wear neutral colors but when during the summer months, I prefer warmer colors. Show your fun side like me and grab this shirt! YOU WONT REGRET IT!

Let's check out what Ivan wore 

In Ivan’s first look He dressed the suit two ways, formal and casual. This khaki suit is perfect for a night out or even for work. That being mentioned for my first suit I paired the suit with a nice light blue oxford, a navy tie with red emeralds, and some double monks. This is such a classic look, I skipped the socks just because when it gets warm long socks are definitely a no go, (unless you're going to a business meeting).

Here’s a link to my Express Khaki Cotton Suit:

His seconded look is more laid back, remember gents that you can always sport the suit jacket and pants separately get the most out of your garments. I decided to use the suit jacket and throw it over a nice white tee shirt, green chinos, and my air force ones. It's so simple to pull this look off that it's almost a no brainer to try. This is my weekend or go out outfit for spring and summer. 

There you have it gents, 2 cotton suits worn 4 ways. We hope you enjoyed this article. Please go and follow my good friend Ivan over at @Iamrmartinez and on his website. Click here


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